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Since 2014, our structured practice-focused programs consisting three main programs: Internships, Korean Language, and University Programs in Korea. Our programs create globally engaged. - “The world becomes one.”- where every university student in the world has the opportunity to study, work, and travel in Korea. Languagekorea.com is here to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to choose the right program in the right place and connect you with high-quality experiences in Korea.


Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs


Internships abroad in Korea are becoming a new interest in the world. An internship can provide unique opportunities for learning outside of academic settings. It can expose you to new tasks and help you learn goal-specific skills to complete those tasks. Internships also give you experience with technology, people, and projects that may relate to your career goals. Receive a referral letter signed by the company and keep a journal for personal growth by completing our internship program.

Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs


The Institute program for On/Off-Line Korean Language classes was first developed in 2014 by Global E&S (Owner of ‘languagekorea.com’) to provide intensive Korean language training to foreign students interested in learning about the Korean language and culture. It features integrated classes that incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing to improve communication and problem-solving skills while you are in Korea. Start learning Korean wherever you are!

Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs


The University Consulting Service Program, operated by Global E&S, provides academic advice, visa, and document support services to help students solve the complex application process they will be faced with. Almost major universities in Korea have Korean language programs for international students trying to study in Korea. Compare and choose the suitable university you wish to join the program. We will be with you for your successful study abroad life in Korea.

Learn Korean on a University Campus

Many large universities in Korea offer Korean language programs for international students looking to study in Korea.
Tuition fees and course curriculums vary from school to school, so choose the course and school that best suits you.

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