In-sa-dong is one of the representative traditional streets in Seoul. It is quite close to Jong-ro, the center street of Seoul, and it is visited by tourists since it is convenient to get there by subway & bus. There are many things to see & do such as antiques, ceramics, paper stores, galleries, and traditional tea houses. You can eat traditional Korean food or just walk around and look all the different small stores. The In-sa-dong Traditional Culture Festival has been held since 1987, and with the festival and cultural attractions, the street grew to be one of the most celebrated sites in Seoul. It is known as a street of tradition, and especially the markets formed on the street on Sundays give a vivid sensation of a traditional market place. You can experience the tradition yourself as you are invited to participate in the procedure of pottery making or rice cake cooking to get a taste of the past.

Insadong, Seoul, Korea

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