About Sinchon

These neighborhoods surround Yonsei, Sogang, Hong-ik, and Ewha universities. The area near the entrance to the Ewha Women’s University is great for shopping for women’s clothes and accessories (that is, if you’re a size 6 or smaller — Korean sizes run very small). The area in front of Hong-ik University (Hongdae-ap) is known for its hopping nightlife and cafe culture. Indeed, all of Seoul’s university neighborhoods are bustling with cafes, restaurants, bars, and plenty of shopping for college students and everyone else.

Water Gun Festival

The Water Gun Festival in Sinchon, Seoul has been voted the most iconic event in Seoul for the last four years straight. 
First held in 2013, the Water Gun Festival sees the streets closed to traffic to allow visitors to participate in an initially well organised ‘battle’ with a different theme each year. In reality most of the water gun toting participants are there solely for the novelty value in being part of the most enormous water gun fight. 

The festival reserves special areas for families and children to take part in the fun in at a more leisurely pace so the event really does cater for all ages. Highlights are an opening ceremony, an umbrella performance, a water concert and a unique activity known as water gun wedding. There are giant water slides and a host of other sideshows dotted around the streets for visitors to enjoy. 

Seoul is a fantastic city to visit, combine your visit with the Water Gun Festival and you will have an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. 

Sinchon, Seoul, Korea

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