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What do I need and how can I get to Korea?

Since all programs last less than 90 days, a 90-day tourist/student VISA will be sufficient for the enrollment in all programs. All foreigners staying in Korea for over 90 days must obtain a Certificate of Alien Registration from the Seoul Immigration Office. Depending upon where you’re from, an entrance VISA for Korea may not be necessary. Citizens of U.S.A and most of European countries, a 90-day visa can be obtained relatively easily without the submittal of complicated documents. Please contact the Korean Embassy in your area to confirm what VISA documents are needed to enter Korea, and inquire about the process of obtaining the VISA.


- D-4-1 Student Visa (Students enrolled for 2 semesters(6 months) or more)


- ID Photo (3.5x4.5cm)
- Copy of applicant’s passport biodata page
- Applicant's graduation certificate and transcript from last school attended (Notarized of Apostille)
- Financial verification documents (original proof of parental employment and income)
- Original bank statement (only the applicant's or parents' bank balance certificate can be submitted)
- Certificate of family relations such as the Certificate of Birth must be submitted.
(required only if the applicant is submitting documents in parents' name)- A Letter of Self-Introduction & Study Plan either in Korean or English
* Visa documents issuance is subject to the result of the application review
* All documents not in English or Korean will be required to be translated and certified required
* Student will be permitted to work after 180 days of stay
* Depending on the student’s nationality, additional documents may be required. Please consult with our staff for the visa.

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