Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs


Learn Korean and explore your surroundings at the same time

  • Half Days, Time to explore South Korea

  • Blended Learning Mechanism

  • Doppelganger Team-teaching System

  • Remote Hybrid Class

Korean Regular Course In the South Korea

  • Participants

All foreigners and overseas Korean citizens

  • Duration

4,8,10 weeks lesson,
4 hours a day,
Monday to Friday

  • Class Time

9am to 1pm

  • Services included

– Blended learning system

– Online Korean lectures provided

  • Level

Beginner 1 to Advanced 1

  • Application Due Date

Fall 2: Aug 10th, 2022

Winter 1: Sep 30th, 2022

Winter 2: Nov 16th, 2022

  • Starting Dates

Fall 2: Oct 10th, 2022

Winter 1: Dec 1st, 2023

Winter 2: Jan 16th, 2023

  • Optional Service

– Accommodation
(Savoy hotel)

– Airport pick-up service

About Our Regular Course

The best way to experience a foreign destination is to learn about and embrace all that makes it special. If you really want to have a taste of local life, take it a step further and learn the local language too. You’ll find it easier to get around, and will have many Korean people to practice the language with.

Our Korean Language program consists of listening, speaking, reading, and communication skills with various Korean culture experience programs and excursions.

Learning the Korean language is such a fun way to get to know Korea. While it may seem intimidating at first, the benefits of speaking two or more Korean languages will quickly outshine any trepidations you might have.

Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs

Program Details

The Regular course morning classes focus on the building blocks of Korean proficiency: Structure and Speaking Practice or Language Studies, Vocabulary Enrichment, and a lesson in the Language Technology Center.

With the focus on these pillars of language, students leave with a real understanding of the applications of Korean in real life. Our goal is for students to not only have a foundational understanding of the Korean language but to feel comfortable and confident using these Korean skills in both academic and social settings.

The freedom provided to students in the Regular Korean language classes allows them to get a real cultural experience during their stay in South Korea. This freedom is designed to allow students to take the lessons they learn in the classroom and apply them to real-life situations.

As students continue to explore and insert themselves into cultural activities, they gain valuable lessons in the applications of the Korean language. This freedom to interact and engage with other people in organic social settings, combined with structured lessons in the morning, provides the perfect balance for learning Korean.

The balance of the Regular Korean language courses is what makes them so unique. For international students looking to learn Korean and become comfortable with Korean culture, this is the perfect program. To learn more or to sign up, you can contact us directly through our email or other SNS platforms.

Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs


The regular course offers 6 proficiency levels (Beginner to Advanced), as well as placement testing to determine the level that best fits your abilities. At the end of each level, if you successfully meet your level’s requirements, you will move up to the next level. As you progress through the levels, your courses build upon the skills you learned in the lower levels and become more complex.

  • Learn basic daily expressions.
  • Be able to listen and distinguish consonants, vowels, and vocabularies.
  • Understand simple conversations in daily college life.
  • Learn to read and understand simple sentences written in Korean.
  • Learn to write and complete sentences with basic grammar.
  • Learn to speak accordingly to given public situations and solve various problems one might face in Korean daily life.
  • Be able to listen to short conversations or stories and understand the main idea.
  • Learn to write short articles on familiar topics (college life, etc)
  • Be able to verbally express oneself during college lectures to ask & answer questions or present an opinion.
  • Be able to understand conversations or stories on familiar topics with a relatively
  • complex contextual background.
  • Learn to write a lengthy article on familiar topics correctly and write documents with a Korean keyboard.
  • Learn to logically express one’s opinion on familiar social encounters, and to participate in class-related discussions.
  • Be able to read complex conversations and texts and understand the core idea and detailed information.
  • Learn to write one’s opinion on familiar social topics in a logical matter.
  • Be able to utilize basic academic techniques and strategies, including presentation, reading, and critical writing.
  • Be able to participate in refined conversations, arguments, or discussions on professional topics.
  • Be able to listen to, read and understand elective lectures.
  • Learn to write eloquent and refined documents on complex and abstract topics.
  • Be able to participate in the refined conversation on professional topics, •and present/discuss academic matters
  • Be able to read, listen to, and understand advanced-level lectures.
  • Learn to write academic reports on topics of interest.

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