Internship program

Gain real-world work experience with a full-time internship in Korea

  • Gain experiences through practical learning

  • Connect & Build Network in Korea

  • Meet Industry Professionals

  • Referral letter for interns provided upon completion

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Start Your Internship In South Korea

  • Participants

– Ages 20 – 27

– Must speak fluent English

  • Duration

Around 2 months of internship experience (Unpaid)

  • Services included

− Placement in Desired Career Field
− Cultural Events
− Resume and CV letter prep
− Interview preparation
− Health & Travel Insurance
− Dedicated Advisor
− Orientation & Site visits

  • Accommodation

Optional [3~4 star rating hotel or Residence]

  • Organizations

We are partnered with some of the most prestigious organizations, from small and medium-sized businesses to entrepreneurial startups.

  • Application Due Date

Fall: Sep 1st, 2022

Winter: Nov 9th,2022

Spring: Apr 1st, 2023

  • Start dates

Fall: Nov 1st – Dec 23th, 2022

Winter: Jan 9th – Mar 3rd,2023

Spring: Jun 1st – Jul 27th, 2023

  • Optional Service

– 2 Weeks of  Korean Class

– Improve your Korean

– Special price for our interns

– Airport pick-up

About our internship program

We, Global Education and Services Co., Ltd., are the only company in Korea that officially operates an internship program with companies where you can build a high-quality career; also, our internship combines three developing services regarding career, accommodations, and Korean language education for international students who desire to accelerate their careers in Korea. With advanced know-how related to services for international students, Global Education & Services has provided internship programs and professional experiences for university students and young professionals with many institutions and corporations.

We aim to offer our participants to gain first-hand experience in different career paths by learning practical skills and applying them to working at a company. Also, opening the door to an opportunity to make meaningful local connections with talented peers and gain mentorship from industry professionals with experience in the career field in which they are interested. Not only do they have the chance to strengthen their career, but interns can also explore special programs by us, language learning, and cultural events to immerse themselves in a pristine environment and do something different beyond the desk.

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Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programs

Who this program is for?

  • Young professionals seeking first-hand experience in their field of interest before entering the real workforce
  • Young professionals who want to explore Korea’s business culture
  • Young professionals looking to fulfill an internship requirement before graduation
  • Young professionals who are between the ages of 20 to 27

Our Career Field for Internship Program

We are partnered with some of the most prestigious organizations, from small and medium-sized businesses to entrepreneurial startups. You can check out what is provided career field down below

  • PR & Marketing

  • Education

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Journalism & Publishing Media

  • Business

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion Business

  • IT

  • Non-Profit & NGO

  • Research

  • And more

For any international young professionals looking for internships in South Korea, the TMK internship program provides the highest level of proficiency in language learning. To learn more or to sign up, you can contact us directly through our email or other SNS platforms.



I always wanted to explore the life and career in Korea, and with Global E&S I had the most amazing experience. I was able to work on different aspects of the project and had extraordinary responsibilities which helped me grow and develop and gain a sense of what it is like to be a part of the working world.

Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programsMyriam A., PR & MARKETING

Interning at The Korean Teaching Company, I had several responsibilities and opportunities to work independently while growing professionally and as an individual. With the support of my coworkers, the experiences built my confidence and I learned from my successes and failures while making lifelong memories and improvements. Everyone in the office was kind and supportive, willing to help me learn the Korean culture and more. I am grateful to have worked here with everyone.

Language Korea | Learn Korean at one of Korea’s best language programsKetsia Malala, Translating and Business marketing

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