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  • Available levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6
  • 0 students per class
  • Program activities: included for free

KwangWoon University (광운대학교)

Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture has made a new leap forward in 2012 to become an educational institution integrating Korean language and culture based on the experience and achievements in Korean language education , which the Korean program in the Language Education Institute has accumulated for 8 years since 2003.

The education provided by Kwangwoon Center for Korea Language and Culture facilitates the acquisition of not only linguistic knowledge but also various communicative strategies so that foreigners can perform practical and creative Korean language ability in a variety of situations.

In Addition , activities which integrate Korean language lessons with various cultural contents cultivate language skills in conjunction with cultural knowledge.

Located in: Nowon-gu, Seoul

Founded in: 1962

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