Hongdae is the student area of Seoul. Its location is close to multiple universities so it’s always crowded with students. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs. The area is also famous for small stores selling hip clothes and make-up. During the weekend it is very busy, but there is very relaxed atmosphere. A famous place in hongdae is the park or playground. You can find a lot of international students here. The park is also famous for young artist performing on the streets hoping to make it big!

Many come to Hongdae for its aesthetically unique characteristics. There are many graffiti murals painted all over the streets of Hongdae. One of the well known areas for these murals is Hongdae Mural Street (also known as ‘Picasso’s Street’).

Like other multi-cultural metropolitan areas, this street is undergoing gentrification. However, despite the recent explosion of upmarket brand shops that pushes artists to move toward the southern area near Hapjeong Station, the street still enjoys a reputation as the city’s prime spot for indie musicians. Many live music venues and festivals draw revelers from a wide range of visitors. YG Entertainment, the major K-pop agency is also located near the street.

If you want to have a fun night you should definitely try out Hongdae!

Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

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